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Maria Montessori sees education as a real aid to life, accompanying the harmonious development of each child and the construction of his or her personal and social identity.
Every child is born with potentialities that must be nurtured in the best way possible thanks to a prepared environment, specially designed materials and an educator trained to guide the child by observing him/her and respecting his/her rhythm of development.


An active pedagogy


It is an active pedagogy based on the manipulation of highly elaborated material, sensory activities and practical experiences to better move towards abstraction.
Each Montessori material has a precise pedagogical function and objective; it allows the child to develop concentration and coordination and prepares him/her for more complex activities and more abstract concepts. It is "self-corrective": the child can find out whether he has succeeded or not, and start again until he has completely mastered the activity.

Mixed age groups


Another element of Montessori pedagogy is the mixing of age groups:  in our classes we group children from 3 to 5 and a half years old and from 6 to 12 years old. This encourages collaboration, exchange and a sense of belonging. The younger ones are motivated to learn how to do what the older ones do; the latter can help the younger ones, which is also formative, empowering and rewarding.

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