Sylvie Roten

Sylvie, Director
The school is directed by Sylvie Roten, founder of the Bilingual Montessori School "Little Seed". Sylvie is a graduate of St Nicholas Montessori Center in London for children from 2 1/2 to 7 years old and of the Centro Internationale di studi Montessoriani in Bergamo, Italy for 6-12 years old.
She has a Master's degree in Psychology from the University of Geneva.
Sylvie Roten created and directed the Bilingual Montessori School "Little Friends" in Geneva.

Sylviane Rivoira

Sylviane Rivoira - Pedagogical Manager
AMI Montessori Educator, Sylviane has been working with children for a few years now, her enthusiasm and energy are communicative. Ireland, Guadeloupe, India, she has accompanied many children of different ages and backgrounds. She will guide children young and old in their learning and discoveries.

Ieva Melko

Ieva, Assistant English Language Educator
A graduate Montessori Assistant AMI, Ieva has worked for many years in summer camps and schools for young children. She is a ski and snowboard teacher and loves outdoor activities. Passionate about writing, Ieva also works as a freelance journalist in her free time.


Nicole Garsaud

Katie, Assistant English Educator
Originally from Great Britain, Katie has a Montessori assistant diploma. She is currently studying art therapy and has her own ceramic workshop.
With fifteen years of experience in the social sector, Katie looks forward to helping everyone to develop and to using her rich experience in accompanying children at the "Little Seed" school.

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