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Le mois de septembre 2023, classe Little Seed

The children have adjusted well and got to know each other better, they feel at home in their class. As soon as they walk into the classroom, they get ready and choose an activity or observe, and at playtime after lunch they find their friends and have fun.

In the beginning of the month the children prepared little skewers for the parents evening. They made two different kinds, ones with tomato and mozzarella, others with cheese and grapes.

This month we celebrated Ella S.’ birthday, the candle on the round table represented the sun and with the colored globe Ella walked four rounds around it to mark 4th birthday.

In our classroom we can admire the created birds made of toilet rolls by the children together with their parents. They will move to the other building for our art exhibition Tuesday 17th October.

The first school outing has taken place on Tuesday 26th September. We went to St. Séverin to harvest grapes. The children showed a lot of interest and worked like professionals. After this activity we walked all the way down to the playground Parc de Jeux in Conthey. The children enjoyed their picnic and played with their friends. At all things come an end and we headed back to school for a story or sports to end the day.

The parents’ meetings have started this month and will continue in October. We are very happy to meet you all to exchange information and answer questions.

Kindest regards,

Léa and Tera

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