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Le mois de novembre 2023 Little Seed


The last day of this month was an absolute highlight for all of us. There was an abondance of snow! Despite the children’s excitement the children were patient and worked diligently in the morning. From time-to-time children looked out of the windows to admire the big snowflakes which fell consistently from the sky. A beautiful Winter Wonderland it was! At playtime the children created snowmen and igloos.


This month we celebrated Suela’s birthday. The candle on the round table represented the sun and with the coloured globe Suela walked six rounds around it to mark her 6th birthday!


Sarah is a researcher at the University of Geneva, while studying the rights of the child. She introduced herself to the parents when we had our first meeting at school in August. She researches  the wellbeing of children at alternative schools such as our Montessori school.

Sarah invited the children in little groups to the cafeteria where they had a short discussion about what they liked and did not like at our school. Thereafter the children drew a picture of their school and  explained what they had drawn before returning  to their class.


Christelle joined our class every Tuesday and Thursday this month, even on a Friday when Tera was absent. The children absolutely loved her, a Big Thank You to Christelle.


The children decorated each a brown bag with paint for the Advent Calendar, the bags look gorgeous and are a real eyecatcher.


Every Thursday afternoon Émilie joins our class after playtime. She brings her guitar and sings songs with the children. The children sing enthusiastically and as you can imagine one of the songs is a Christmas song!


Friendly greetings.


Léa and Tera

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