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Le mois de novembre 2022 chez Little Seed

Time flies and the 11th month of 2022 has come to its end.

We celebrated Lina’s birthday; she walked five rounds with the colored globe around the sun! One, two, three, four, five years old!

This month we talked about two artists, the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky and the British painter David Hockney. Their use of shapes and colors inspired us.

Mums and dads came to school to talk about how things are going. These are precious moments, and we would like to thank you all for coming and taking the time!

Next to Caroline we had Sandrine who joined us this month, she’d like to become a Montessori teacher as well!

Have you told your parents about the helpers at lunchtime? If not, I’d love to explain….

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday four children help to set the tables. First the tablecloths are put on the table, then the plates, knives and forks and then the names of all the children who stay that day. When all is set, everyone will wash hands and will get their water bottle. We have a good look around where we sit, because it’s different every day. When we’ve all found our place one child collects all the names. We are silent when we hear the Tibetan Bowl and sing our little lunch song. Lunch, what are we eating? Lunch, who are we meeting? Lunch let’s go and eat our lunch. Thank you, Sylvie. In the kitchen Sylvie will tell the child, who volunteered to say what the menu of the day is, what we will get served. And, last but not least, another child will invite the children to the kitchen. Four children at the time, which makes it a nice counting game. Four in, zero to ask, three in, one to invite, two in, two to invite, one in, three to invite. When everyone has food on their plate, it’s the turn of the child who has kindly invited everyone before. What a good job the children do!

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