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Le mois de mars 2023, classe Little Seed

Dear Children and Parents,

March has been a month of special events. We celebrated three birthdays! Zélie turned 6 years old, and Alejandro and Valentina each celebrated their 4th anniversary! A lot of rounds with the coloured globe around the sun!

Our artwork was based on colourful compostions by Anaïs Coulon, a graphic designer in Carouge. As we changed season this month, we focused for one week on the winter and subsequently one week on the spring.

We planted seeds in little biodegradable nursery pots. These were put in the garden greenhouse initially and were placed outside on the balcony in front of our class. As a consequence, we can take very good care of the development and growth of seedlings at any time. It allows the children to show these to family and friends before or after school.

Sylvie gave a presentation to the class about sheep and the harvesting of its wool, ultimately being converted to wool thread. It was interesting to see, smell and feel …… and there was another material, do you remember……….? Hair of Sylvie’s dog Luna!

The last special event was a school excursion to the Valais Nature Museum in Sion. We were taken by a big bus. Due to the poor weather conditions the snack and packed lunch were enjoyed in the class instead of outdoors at the castle of Sion.

The children enjoyed two different presentations, one about the beaver and the other about animals in the Valais. There was a lot to see and learn! Did you tell your parents that every first Sunday of the month the entrance for families is free? There is even more to discover than what we saw that morning!

Léa et Tera

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