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Le mois de janvier 2024, classe Little Seed

Although it might seem late we’d like to wish you a great 2024 and beyond, filled with

good health, love, friendship and resilience.

We welcomed 3 new children in our class Lylio, Paul and Selen. Their older siblings,

Mahé, Emile and Suela made sure that they felt at ease in their new environment, as

well as with all the other children.

This month we celebrated 4 birthdays! Selen is now 3 years of age, Charly and

Roméo 4, and Juliette 6!

The children have been very interested in the designs of flags representing countries

around the world. Our classroom has decorations A5 size and soon we will be able

to enjoy larger flags, but that will be a surprise……….

For the second year in a row Sylvie organised the Snow Day in Siviez. The children

could choose between skiing and sledging. Teachers and parents accompanied the

children in their chosen activities. We enjoyed beautiful weather, good snow

conditions, a peaceful setting and super motivated children. The children made

themselves and us proud! A HUGE THANK YOU to all the adults who made this


Friendly greetings,

Léa, Caroline and Tera

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