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Le mois d'octobre 2022, classe Little Seed

In October we celebrated Jeanne’s birthday, four rounds with the coloured globe around the sun, representing the four years of Jeanne, one, two, three, four!

We went to the biotope and on the way up we collected waste. We like to take care of our environment and recycle as much as we can. What did we find? Plastic wrappings, paper, tins and cigarette butts. We walked and run around the biotope and even the last stretch before school. We had a lot of fun.

On our second outing to the biotope, we collected lots of little sticks and leaves for our autumn craft. We used the little sticks for the antlers of the deer and the leaves for the tail of the squirrel.

We get to know each other better and better, and what is beautiful to see is that the older children help the younger ones in such a kind way, and not only the older ones, even the young children motivate and help each other! We’ve learned a lot. When we like to ask a question, we put our hand on the shoulder of the teacher and when we move around in the classroom, we walk around the mats where children are working. It might happen that we do not know what to choose and then we can observe a friend, quietly on the side of his/her table or mat, before we start our own activity.

Then it was already time for the holidays, and we hope you all had a great one!

We are getting back to the rhythm finding our place in the class with all the individual activities and listening to stories about Kipper, Mum, Dad, Biff, Chip and Floppy.

We spoke about James Brown and listened to his funky music. We learned the days of the week with his ‘I feel good’ (I Got You) melody. Can you sing it at home as well?

There are two new songs: I’m a Little Pumpkin and We know all the months of the Year on the rhythm of We Will Rock You from Queen.

We had a special guest this week, Caroline, she studies to become a Montessori teacher as well! She joined us to the forest, where we found different kind of autumn leaves, red, yellow, orange and brown. We walked safely on the side of the road, hand in hand with a friend, two by two.


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